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Memorial Day – A Day to Give Honor

This past Monday I had the honor to attend Memorial Day services in honor of our fallen heroes. Being a veteran myself, this is time for me to remember not only my time in service of my country but those who have served in years past. It was truly a solemn moment.

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What are they thinking?

Well today I had a first! I was working on a Family Practice lead in the Catskills of New York for about the last six months. One of my folks was all excited that he found a physician interested and presented him to me. I call my client with the good news. As soon as I mentioned his name, my client started to laugh! Turns out they had already had made a offer to this physician and was waiting to hear back from him!

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Keep Your Recruiter in The Loop

You have developed a good rapport with a recruiter specializing in your industry. He spent time talking with you to understand what type of opportunities your interested in. He spent hours talking with his clients about your background and interests. He found several good opportunities for you to consider. You picked a couple that you thought matched your interests the best. The client was impressed with your CV and the telephone interview went better than expected. What happens next is probably the most important step in the process. Call your recruiter and fill him in on the conversation!

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We All Need to Hold a Revolt!

I am fed up with being hammered with exorbitant hospital bills. I had to take my daughter to the emergency room one weekend recently. We thought she had broken a finger. Fortunately it turned out it was a simple sprain. They splinted it and we went home…45 minutes tops. I just received the bill from my insurance company…$908.00!!

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Can I Leave a Message?

Recently the Executive Vice President of the American Medical Association had written a letter to all Graduate Medical Education program directors requesting their help in stopping recruiters from unsolicited calling or paging of resident/fellow physicians in the workplace.

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