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What is Working Locum Tenens Really Like?

By now, you’ve heard a lot about physicians working temporary assignments, often traveling for work. These physicians are called Locum Tenens and they have an incredible amount of flexibility and opportunity within their field. For those physicians and medical professionals who haven’t yet made the shift toward working as a Locum Tenens, you’re probably wondering […]

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Bob Eskridge Nominated for a Vetty Award

We’re proud to announce that Eskridge & Associates founder and owner, Bob Eskridge, has been nominated by The Academy of United States Veterans Foundation for a Vetty Award! What are the Vetty Awards? The Vetty Awards ceremony is hosted once a year, where people and organizations come together to recognize those who serve the veteran […]

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Happy San Jacinto Day!

April 21st marks the anniversary of San Jacinto Day. About San Jacinto Day: Around 1820, the area that is now Texas was part of the newly independent country of Mexico. However, there was a strong push for an independent Republic of Texas so, in 1835, the Texas Declaration of Independence was drafted and a provisional […]

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4 Ways Locum Tenens Can Celebrate the Holidays Away from Home

Working away from home this holiday season? You’re certainly not alone. Many professionals in the healthcare or medical field experience having to work during the holidays, and sometimes, far away from home and family. For some Locum Tenens physicians, going home for the holidays simply isn’t a viable option and being away from family makes […]

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The ROI for Hiring Locum Tenens

For many healthcare executives paying close attention to their bottom line, hiring a temporary physician can be a hard pill to swallow. However, in many situations, hiring a locum tenens physician can prove to have a larger return on investment than most would initially think. Consider these scenarios It may be hard to wrap your […]

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What is a Medical Scribe?

If you’ve never heard of medical scribes, you’ve certainly seen them at some point when you’ve visited a doctor’s office. They’re typically the personnel that follows physicians into exam rooms while they provide direct care to document all the necessary information about the patient. Traditionally, the physician’s job has focused solely on direct patient contact […]

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