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How Locum Tenens Is Changing The Healthcare Industry

A long time ago, physicians who traveled or sought to change where they practiced regularly were looked down on by some other medical professionals and considered less committed than their peers. These days are long gone, however, and locum tenens physicians have now become a common installment in hospitals and clinics around the country. At this time, nearly 90 percent of hospitals report using a locum physician at some point, and those numbers are only growing. That’s a major shift in the way we view and treat temporary medical staff, and that shift occurred in a fairly short span of time.

Is it a shift for the better? We think so.

Here are just a few of the ways that locum tenens physicians have changed the healthcare industry—for the better.

Addressed the Physician Shortage

One of the most pressing issues in healthcare is the physician shortage. When you bring in a temporary staff member, you shift some of the burden off of your current staff and allow everyone to breathe a little easier. The rise of locum tenens makes it possible for physicians and medical professionals who might otherwise have been overworked have more team members to rely on. As the physician shortage continues, we all need all the help we can get.

Combats Burnout

Faced with increasing administrative responsibilities and the ongoing physician shortage, many medical professionals are forced to work long hours and endure stressful working conditions, which can lead to burnout. Locum tenens combats burnout by offering short-term assignments where you can set your own schedule, as well as offering travel and better pay. This also helps protect your existing staff from burning out due to overwork as well, since they are able to have assistance from time to time.

Career Satisfaction

Physicians used to stay in the same placement for decades, perhaps even for their entire career. This is no longer the case, and instead many physicians want to travel and see the world, in addition to gaining more career experience. By hiring locum tenens, you allow many physicians to seek out opportunities and try things they might not have been otherwise been able to, which increases their career satisfaction.

Changing Healthcare Models

Many hospitals and clinics are struggling to attract top performing staff in the midst of the physician shortage and are turning to other solutions to help fill the gap. Sometimes, it’s locum tenens, and other times it may be telemedicine, part-time staff, or perhaps flying in specialists on an as-needed basis. Locum tenens physicians are uniquely suited to help fill in these staffing gaps, especially in shorter-term needs.

If you’re looking for a career that offers optimal career satisfaction, excellent pay, and protects you from burnout, locum tenens may be just what you’ve been looking for. You’ll have more freedom than you would in private practice and find yourself with more long-term career maneuverability.

Locum tenens is rising to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. Are you prepared?

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