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Is the Locum Tenens Lifestyle is Right for You? These 5 Factors Will Help You Decide

You’ve probably heard a lot about Locum Tenens lately. With the ability to choose your own career opportunities and freeing yourself from feeling stuck in a job for years on end, more medical professionals are adopting the Locum Tenens lifestyle. Due to the physician shortage, the demand for Locum Tenens is rising. If you feel an increasing desire for change in your career and would like to embrace freedom and flexibility, Locum Tenens is a fantastic option for you. Here are five factors that can help you decide:

1. You thrive on change and you can adapt to anything

After working for a clinic, some medical professionals begin to itch for change or a disruption in their professional routine. Locum Tenens have the ability to travel wherever opportunities arise. Adopting the Locum Tenens lifestyle means you have to be open to new opportunities and adapt to new environments quickly. In fact, many Locum Tenens like it that way.

2. You love to travel and explore new places

Locum Tenens jump into new opportunities quickly after their temporary position ends – usually when the physician they were filling in for returns from vacation or leave. With frequent opportunities arising, Locum Tenens get to experience many new places. If you have a passion for traveling and experiencing new locales, becoming a Locum Tenens is the ideal option for you.

3. You’d like to try out a new position before you commit

We have the ability to test drive cars before we buy, so why not do the same with a job? What you experience during an interview isn’t always a clear indication of what you should expect day-to-day. Being a Locum Tenens is a great way to try out a new position before permanently committing to it. As a Locum Tenen, you can experience the aspects of a position first-hand and gain experience while giving it a “test run.” With this experience and knowledge, you can make a sound decision as to the career path you choose to take.

4. You want career flexibility

Studies show that physicians exhibit the signs of career burnout after working the same job and following the same routine after a while. Being a Locum Tenens often means you’re allowed more career flexibility, which can help you achieve a better work-life balance. Choosing the Locum Tenens lifestyle provides you with short-term and often temporary positions, but at your own discretion. You’re also offered the flexibility of taking a vacation or a leave of absence if necessary, without worrying about the things you’d be leaving behind. Being a Locum Tenens could be the right choice for you if you’d like to work in the medical and healthcare industry but without the stress and obligation of feeling “stuck” in one particular clinic or place.

5. You loathe the business side of a clinic

If you feel like only half of your day provides you with meaning and purpose and you loathe the paperwork and administrative side of your job, as a Locum Tenens you can get away from it all. Back away from the administrative and business side of being a physician and focus on what drives you – treating your patients.

Locum Tenens is a great option for medical professionals such as doctors and nurses, to challenge themselves and learn something new without feeling stuck in a position. Switching to the Locum Tenens lifestyle is a major decision could drastically improve your career and life as a medical professional.  If you’re ready to take the next step to becoming a Locum Tenens, contact Eskridge & Associates for available Locum Tenens opportunities today.

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