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Veterans Choose Locum Tenens. Here’s Why.


As a veteran-owned small business, Eskridge and Associates cares deeply about celebrating our military service members at every opportunity. As Veteran’s Day draws near this year, we took a look back at all the wonderful former servicemen and women we’ve worked with over the years, and how we’ve been able to help them transition into meaningful careers. Healthcare careers are a great choice for veterans, especially as the healthcare industry remains one of the highest for U.S. job growth, and locum tenens roles in particular.

Here are just a few reasons veterans choose to work locum tenens:

Familiar Work Environment

Many service members choose healthcare and locum tenens roles after the military because the work environment is similar. As locum tenens, you may even be able to work at a VA clinic treating and working alongside other former service members. When you choose locum tenens, you will be able to travel to many different clinics and build connections across the country—much like you did in the military.

Skills Transfer

As a veteran, you have the skills and experience that you can’t get anywhere else—even medical school. You’re used to fast-paced schedules, high standards, and thinking quickly on your feet in high-stress environments. A healthcare role often requires many of those skills and more, so if you have a background in healthcare or interest in going back to school, your military background may uniquely prepare you for a series of contract positions or even a full-time role.

Freedom to Choose

Another aspect of working locum tenens that may appeal to former service members is the opportunity to choose when, where, and how to work. In the military, you may have traveled extensively, and been able to visit new places and see new things—but on someone else’s schedule. As locum tenens, you’ll set your own schedule and choose when and where you want to work.

Continue to Serve

Perhaps one of the most attractive things about choosing any healthcare role after the military is the opportunity to continue to serve others. You’ll be able to use your experience and ability to work on a team to help treat and assist others in a fast-paced environment. Many veterans that we have worked with over the years have found far more meaningful work working in locum tenens or other healthcare specialties than in a typical office job. If you choose locum tenens in particular, you’ll have the unique opportunity to bring care to the places that need it most, whether that’s a rural area or a particularly understaffed hospital or clinic.

At Eskridge and Associates, we offer a wide range of permanent, contract, and locum tenens roles with highly competitive compensation packages. As a veteran-owned small business, we take pride in helping connect healthcare providers with the right opportunities and solutions—including and especially former service members. If that sounds like what you’ve been looking for, contact Eskridge & Associates today to get started.

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