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7 Signs it’s Time for a Transition in Your Medical Career

Burnout can happen in any profession, and that includes medicine. Whether you just want new surroundings or you are feeling trapped in your designation, here are a few signs that it’s time for a job transition.

1. You are bored
If things are feeling stagnant or like there are no new challenges coming your way, a change is in order. In the medical field, there is a great way to keep things from getting stale in your career with options in a field that has you on the move and offers exciting changes often.

2. You’re stressed about work even when you aren’t there
When your stress level starts affecting other parts of your life, like your relationship, your health and your ability to get out and do normal activities, it’s time to think about a change.

3. You don’t get along with or work well with your co-workers or your boss
This one takes a little thoughtful reflection. Like, is it them or is it me? Either way, it’s likely time to move to a new situation, but thinking about what the conflicts are before starting a new job can ensure that the same issues don’t come up when starting a new position.

4. You are being underutilized
When you have been in a position for a while and you still don’t feel that you are able to put all your skills to work, or someone is second guessing you, it might be time to move on to somewhere you feel like you can really get some good experience.

5. No work/life balance
This is extremely difficult to achieve in the medical community, especially in traditional roles. Keeping work/life balance is important to mental, physical and emotional health. When a job is not offering this, one’s entire life can suffer. Locum Tenens offers an alternative with excellent work/life balance opportunity and the option to travel to new places often.

6. You find yourself being negative all the time
Constant negativity from someone who is usually positive or measured in their conversations with others is a big red flag that something is wrong and a shift is needed. If there is no other obvious reason that this change in outlook has occurred, looking for something new might be the best option.

7. You’re not learning
If you find that you are not learning anything new and your job has become monotonous then you aren’t doing the best for yourself. There should always be an opportunity to learn, especially in medicine. Continue to grow with innovative employment options in the medical field that offers more freedom and new chances to learn all the time.

While there are certainly more red flags that you may be aware of, these are sure signs that you need to move to a more exciting and flexible career option. If you don’t think positions like this exist in the medical community, think again. Locum Tenens is a fantastic option for doctors and nurses, as well as other medical professionals to be able to challenge themselves and learn something new. Those who take part in Locum Tenens don’t find themselves bored or stuck in a position in which they are unhappy for years on end. To the contrary, Locum Tenens community members find themselves in an active, cutting edge field and community of people who have the chance to work hard and play hard all the while improving their skills and learning in a variety of different environments.

If you are ready to take the step toward freedom and adventure in your medical career, contact Eskridge & Associates for available Locum Tenens opportunities today!

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