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How Locum Tenens Is Changing The Healthcare Industry

A long time ago, physicians who traveled or sought to change where they practiced regularly were looked down on by some other medical professionals and considered less committed than their peers. These days are long gone, however, and locum tenens physicians have now become a common installment in hospitals and clinics around the country. At […]

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Locum Tenens For Parents

Many medical professionals are familiar with the heart-wrenching issue of having to choose between their career and their kids. There’s only 24 hours in a day, and something always slips off your perpetually busy schedule. Whether your choices take the form of not having kids in the first place, or trying to juggle diapers, homework, […]

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Living the Locum Tenens Lifestyle: Retirement

For retired healthcare providers, the transition between full-time work and full-time free time can be jarring and even unsettling. After a decade of education, then additional years of training, and years of long hours at the hospital or clinic, suddenly entering a retirement that is filled with a whole lot of nothing to do all […]

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Stress Relief Tips For Healthcare Providers

It’s no secret—burnout is a very real epidemic among healthcare professionals right now. Across the country, dedicated physicians, specialists, nurses, and other medical personnel are working long hours, struggling to achieve work-life balance, and dealing with high levels of stress. Even if you love your job, that intense stress compounded day after day can build […]

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How To Stay Healthy On Assignment

As a locum tenens healthcare provider, you may spend a lot of time on the road or in new places for the first time. In these conditions, it can be difficult to keep yourself healthy and in good shape. Between jet lag, eating out, and lack of time to exercise in between your changing schedules, […]

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Tax Advice for Locum Tenens Physicians

It’s that time of year again… Tax season! Filing your taxes as an independent contractor can be complex, involved, and change from year to year—and as a physician, you may be in a special category on top of all that. Tax Day this year is April 15, 2019, according to the IRS, so make sure […]

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Do You Know How to Recognize Burnout?

If you feel exhausted, demotivated, and hopeless both at work and outside of it, you’re not alone. As a physician, you’re always on call, and work long days and nights on call or in a hospital, which can be stressful at the time but can often be overcome with healthy personal habits and strong personal […]

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Why You Should Consider Holiday Locum Tenens Assignments

In many careers, working outside the traditional 9-5 is not only an expectation, it’s also a way of life. For physicians and those working in the medical and healthcare industry, components of the career like shift work, long hours and being on-call are embedded in the responsibility of providing care. Working during the holiday season […]

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Military Order of the Purple Heart Department of Texas recognizes Eskridge & Associates as a “Purple Heart Business”

Austin, TX, October 18, 2018 Source: Military Order of the Purple Heart, Department of Texas The Military Order of the Purple Heart recognized a local Round Rock government contractor as a “Purple Heart Business” on Thursday 18 Oct 2018. Eskridge and Associates was recognized for the company’s outstanding support of veterans and their families, specifically […]

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