Military Order of the Purple Heart Department of Texas recognizes Eskridge & Associates as a “Purple Heart Business”


Lazaro Camarillo, Chief of Staff- South, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Dept of Texas; Robert Eskridge, President/Founder, Eskridge & Associates; Jon Lunkwicz, Commander, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Dept of Texas

Austin, TX, October 18, 2018

Source: Military Order of the Purple Heart, Department of Texas

The Military Order of the Purple Heart recognized a local Round Rock government contractor as a “Purple Heart Business” on Thursday 18 Oct 2018. Eskridge and Associates was recognized for the company’s outstanding support of veterans and their families, specifically those who were wounded in combat.  The honor was presented by the Military Order of the Purple Heart’s Texas State Commander, Jon Lunkwicz.

“It needs to be more than just words,” Lunkwicz, an Army Infantryman who was wounded in Vietnam said. “You can tell us all day you support the combat wounded, we need to see something tangible” he continued, “Bob is doing more than placing physicians for the VA and Department of Defense, he’s hiring veterans to ensure the providers he recruits, are compassionate to those they will be serving, our military and veterans”.

Robert “Bob” Eskridge of Eskridge and Associates (www.eskridgeassociates.com) is himself a Service Disabled Air Force veteran.  Eskridge has been in business over 16 years, and enjoys several large government contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense.  Eskridge is in the business of recruiting physicians and healthcare providers for these federal agencies. Bob hires veterans and spouse of veterans as often as he can so he can not only serve veterans, but understands how important it is to remain in step with the military and veteran community his physicians and healthcare providers will serve.

“In this business, you cannot just have a government contract to deliver healthcare to veterans and the military, and not care about those you serve”, Bob said, “The most important thing is to remain connected to those we serve, so we continue to deliver world class healthcare to America’s combat wounded and their families”

The “Military Order of the Purple Heart of the U.S.A. Inc.,” (MOPH) was formed in 1932 for the combat wounded veterans and active duty men and women who have received the Purple Heart Medal.   The MOPH Department of Texas was chartered on 22 February 1984 and is comprised of 22 Chapters of the MOPH, representing recipients within the geographic region of the State of Texas.  The State of Texas has approximately 47,000 living recipients of the Purple Heart. The State of Texas has one of the largest military and veteran populations and the organization proudly serves its combat wounded membership, the active duty military, veterans of all branches of military service and conflicts in the state, as well as their families.

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