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5 Reasons the Right Recruiter is Crucial to Your Medical Job Search

Working with the right recruiter is a crucial element when searching for your next medical career opportunity. In an industry with plenty of disciplines and specialties, but not enough workers to fill positions, you want to make sure you’re working with a recruiter who values your wants and needs and acknowledges your skillset. Do yourself a favor and read these reasons why the right recruiter is crucial to achieving the outcome you want for your future.

1. It’s about you, not your recruiter

There are likely many recruiters out there who simply place candidates in jobs they think might be beneficial – but it’s important to work with a recruiter who listens and understands what you want. Work with a recruiter who isn’t there to meet a quota, because you shouldn’t just be part of their system. As an individual and jobseeker, you have wants and needs, too…the right recruiter will acknowledge and work toward those goals with you.

2. Working knowledge of the industry helps during search and placement

You wouldn’t ask someone who isn’t an experienced gardener or farmer when the best time to plant something is. Just as this is true, you wouldn’t want someone cradling your career in their hands without extensive knowledge or experience in the industry they’re serving. Without that crucial knowledge, how will you know if they’re properly navigating to find an opportunity that will fit you best? The more a recruiter knows about the medical industry as a whole, the more likely they are to find exactly what you’re looking for – and making sure you get there.

3. Excellent communication skills won’t leave you hanging

Don’t get stuck with a recruiter who sends you a brief email once and then never hear from them again. Poor communication skills are a sure sign you’re not working with the right recruiter. Being an excellent communicator is necessary for any career field, but especially so when you’re working with someone on finding their next job opportunity. It’s also imperative to understand exactly what you’re looking for and if your recruiter can’t demonstrate the ability to communicate well, ask the right questions, and understand what you’re looking for, you likely won’t find it anytime soon.

4. The right recruiter will build a relationship

Recruiting should mimic the concept of building a lasting relationship with all participating parties, not simply committing to a ‘one and done’ relationship. You’ll never know what the future holds, but the right recruiter will keep in touch with you on the off-chance you’re ready for a new opportunity. This certainly doesn’t mean committing to becoming best friends with your recruiter. Instead, it means finding someone who has solid networking and relationship skills, which can be hard to come by. A good indication of this is the professional relationships a recruiter holds.

5. The right recruiter will measure success through quality not quantity

In recruiting, placing a high number of candidates isn’t always a good determinant of a recruiter’s success. Consider this: a recruiter could have placed 100 candidates, but if 90 of them aren’t happy with their placement, would you consider that recruiter to be successful in the long-term? The difference between these types of recruiters sometimes lies in how they measure their career success. Once again, this process is about you and the meaning in the placement you’re seeking. Even for Locum Tenens, placement should be meaningful to avoid career burnout and higher stress.

The decision to work with the right recruiter who values your professional wants and needs is crucial to finding a fulfilling job, whether your placement is permanent or temporary. At Eskridge and Associates, Locum Tenens know they’re working with the right recruiters, who have expertise and knowledge of the medical industry. Because Eskridge & Associates is a veteran-owned business, candidates receive priority and placement privilege. To ensure you work with the right recruiters as you seek new opportunities in the medical industry, contact us today.

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