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Why Veterans are an Ideal Choice for Healthcare Careers Post-Military


The healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace – so much so that it’s currently the second highest sector for U.S. job growth. While more students exit school and weigh options for healthcare careers, these opportunities might just be an ideal match for veterans and vice versa.

So, what makes veterans and healthcare careers post-military an ideal match?

1. Transferrable skills and experience

Healthcare opportunities often require skills beyond medical knowledge acquired during medical school or in residency. The type of training and experience veterans acquire through their military career are skills, knowledge, and experience often transferable to a medical career – including leadership skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

2. Service-focused career

Healthcare careers are often service-focused because providers work directly with patients. For veterans, this can mean that healthcare can provide a fulfilling and meaningful career by serving others. Careers in healthcare also often outweigh typical office jobs, which, compared to serving in the armed forces, can seem lacking to some veterans used to an environment that is fast-paced. They can also best utilize these valuable skills in many healthcare jobs.

3. Proven ability in a demanding work environment

Members of the armed forces are viewed as high-end, quality talent by many industry employers, considering they’ve persevered through rigorous training and a demanding work environment – especially those who served as medics, physicians, or nurses while also serving in a branch of the armed forces. Many employers would view these candidates as being able to hit the ground running in the medical field or apply their previous training, skills and knowledge to their particular position.

In addition, the real-world experience, maturity, and value of working on a team are valued skills unique to the workforce.

The transition into a new career can seem challenging or daunting, but careers within the healthcare industry provide an opportunity for veterans to use their experience, knowledge, and skills and apply them to a meaningful career in the healthcare field.

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