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Why You’ll Want to Partner with a NALTO Member


Whether you’re a healthcare facility looking for candidates or a healthcare professional searching for the next step in their career, finding the right organization for Locum Tenens staffing shouldn’t feel overwhelming. How should you go about finding the right one?

In the medical staffing industry, it’s no secret that partnering with a NALTO member, such as Eskridge & Associates, is one of the best moves you can make.

1. NALTO creates and enforces strong industry standards and practices

You may ask, why is finding a company that is a member of NALTO? First, organizations that are members of this association align themselves with the industry standards and practices for the locum tenens industry. They also stress honesty, objectivity, integrity, and competency. All members of NALTO are held to the guidelines for professional conduct, including their code of ethics.

2. You can rest assured knowing you won’t be made empty promises

Members of NALTO follow a strict code of ethics, which means as a candidate or a current/potential client, you won’t have to endure empty promises. In the Code of Ethics, members commit to fulfilling all agreements with clients or potential clients and must refrain from making promises they know they cannot keep. Additionally, organizations will not share confidential information from clients unless permitted in writing.

3. Candidates won’t feel obligated or pressured to take assignments

The NALTO Code of Ethics that members adhere provides that organizations don’t purposely hide pertinent information regarding assignments or clients that candidates would be working for. Therefore, candidates can feel at ease knowing that our organization works with transparency and authenticity held in high regard. Additionally, your resume and/or CV is not presented to clients without permission from you.

4. NALTO members act on best interests of client and candidate

Recruiters in other industries generally act on the best interest of the client they’re serving, but when you work with a staffing company that is a member of NALTO, you can expect your recruiter to act on the best interests of both clients and candidates. In accordance with NALTO’s code of ethics, organizations should play neutral roles in the placement process. Organizations should act on behalf of the clients as long as they’re not making misleading or false statements to candidates – and they must accurately represent a candidate’s work history and qualifications.

Being a member of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations holds a significant meaning for organizations in the industry. NALTO works to establish and maintain the industry standards set forth, to ensure organizations operate with honesty, integrity, objectivity and much more. NALTO members who adhere to the guidelines and code of ethics are those in which clients and candidates can confidently build a beneficial and lasting partnership.

At Eskridge & Associates, we focus on locum tenens placement nationwide. As a member of NALTO, we adhere to and exemplify the guidelines and code of ethics set forth by the organization.

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